Birthday Bonus + Aging with Love

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I have a birthday this week and it's time for reflection! To begin with, there is indeed an art to aging gracefully. And it's not always easy. I'm turning 53 years young and I have no clue how that happened! Where did the years go?  I've learned quite a bit on this journey and intend to keep learning every day. I've grown and flourished in ways I didn't think possible. We all have our own physical, mental and spiritual challenges and doing the work is the only way to persevere... Aging gracefully is possible ...  I am doing all I can to embrace the new way things are done --- including blogging.

If there's one secret weapon I have found to fight aging it's fitness, nutrition, and positive thinking!

I am asked often how I stay fit in my 50's and the answer is: CONSISTENCY. It's truly that simple.